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and big businesses



Webdesign for small and big businesses avaliable for every budget. Custom designs, responsive and SEO ready. And I also do graphic design & photography.

What i do.


Custom webdesign for every business. The small entrepeneur or the established business.


Travel photography, food photography, event photography.

graphic design

Simple and clean business cards, flyers and other business outings. But also for individuals I design such as birth anoucements.

a custom made website

created with knowledge and intuition


Due to years studying and working in marketing I have gained extensive knowledge about customers and their behaviours. I do not only design a website, but I think about your individual case. No website can be the same, thats why every website I design is custom and tailored for your business. For this I use my knowledge of website usability and design and combine this with my intuition.

.Mobile friendly
.Custom Design
.Social Media Integration
.Grow your community
.No more worries with a service package

my work.

Some examples of my latest work for small and bigger businesses.

Secret Rose Deck

The Global School

Yoga Shivoham


Davide Swarup


about me.

I am Charlotte a nomad webdesigner now based in Amsterdam and Goa. I travel with the sun and with my laptop. After years of working in Marketing Research, studing Marketing and working the 9 to 5 life I decided I wanted out. Travel and India was calling. Leaving the comfort of home I left for Mother India with a one way ticket. After six months of soul searching, yoga and meditation I figured I could not go back to the life I was living before. But I do love marketing, webdesign, photography & graphic design. I had all the skills and was finding myself helping businesses with their marketing outings. So why not try to travel and work at the same time.
creative mind
The world through my eyes


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